At Agency Bobble, we understand that success in the digital landscape demands a comprehensive approach.

With this in mind, we offer a diverse array of digital marketing tactics tailored to each stage of the sales funnel. Our mission is simple: to help you reach, engage, and convert your target audience at every touchpoint.

How we work


The first phase of our work is an audit of the client’s current digital marketing strategy. This gives us and the client an overall picture of the current situation, giving us an idea of where we are and what we want to do.


On the basis of the audit and fully understanding the client’s goals, we create a digital marketing plan that includes multiple steps from the “most critical” to “nice to haves”.


Once the plan is complete and approved by the client, we start with the implementation of the digital marketing strategy and making improvements to issues found and reported in the audit, among others.


When all implementations have been completed, we start optimizing the accounts. Optimization is an ongoing daily process.


The optimization process is an opportunity to learn. Everything we learn, and the results achieved, we report, and this improves our campaigns. By analyzing ads and target groups, we are in a position to take relevant actions based on data.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine advertising is used to reach a target audience that is already far along in the acquisition process.

At the end of the funnel, you compete for the customer's attention with your competitors, so differentiation is extremely important. With keyword research, we know which terms have the most competition and potential for low-cost profits. Agency Bobble is a Google certified partner.

Paid Social Media Marketing

With paid social media advertising, we effectively reach the company's target group at every stage of the funnel.

We can arouse interest in the selected target group, direct traffic to the site and get the desired target audience to convert. We implement advertising on the channels Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, X, Jodel, Snapchat and Pinterest.

Content Marketing​

Content marketing is implemented by means of high-quality and attractive content.

This can happen either in the customer's own channels or using influencer marketing. We offer content production services ranging from individual campaigns to professional video productions with the help of our partner network.