New digital marketing agency Bobble sets its sights on international markets

Behind the newly established Agency Bobble is a team of experienced digital marketing professionals: Sanna Pänkäläinen, and Joachim Granberg, along with the company’s third founder, Niclas Ahlström, who has extensive experience in successfully taking start-ups to international markets. Agency Bobble aims to help companies grow through digital marketing. The goal is to help businesses understand that successful marketing is often the most significant factor in a brand’s growth story.

The company has had a rapid start and, within the first month, has already initiated partnerships with several international clients and secured the involvement of investor Fredi Palmgren, who has 20 years of experience with technology start-ups targeting international markets. Significant growth potential has been identified, especially in the Nordic countries and the United States. As part of its internationalization, the plan is to take the lessons learned from the global market and apply them to Finland. Sanna Pänkäläinen, Agency Bobble’s founder and CEO, challenges Finnish companies to seek growth on the global stage: “By utilizing digital channels, international marketing can begin even tomorrow. Many Finnish companies are suffering from weak domestic economic prospects right now, so it would be wise to boldly set sights on global markets.” The trio responsible for founding Agency Bobble have also observed that Finnish companies are known worldwide for both their technological expertise and reliability.

The goal is to make digital marketing more understandable

The company’s name, Bobble, draws inspiration from the well-known 1980s platform game Bubble Bobble, which also reflects, in the view of the founders, the principles of digital marketing. “Platforming, in our view, is an excellent metaphor for our work – together with the client, we identify the problem areas that, when fixed, can take marketing to the next level,” explains Sanna Pänkäläinen. The name Bobble also reflects the company’s goal of building a human-centric corporate culture, where work can be done freely regardless of time or place. “Psychological safety and trust are key factors when we want our experts to excel. Naturally, this then translates into better results for our clients, which is at the core of our operations,” Sanna continues. The first hires are expected to take place as early as this year, in the best-case scenario.

Bobble’s work is also characterized by a desire to make digital marketing more understandable for marketing decision-makers and to push industry jargon to the background. The company’s plans include training digital marketing professionals within client companies and, in the future, creating SaaS-based tools for client companies to use. “It’s in the best interests of the entire industry that companies improve their capabilities in utilizing digital marketing. Currently, not many companies have an understanding of how to grow cost-effectively online. One of our important tasks is to increase this understanding,” says Sanna.

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