Case - Marinekauppa

The new wave of digital marketing: collaboration with Agency Bobble leads to a 60% increase in sales for Marinekauppa.


Marinekauppa, a retailer of boating and maritime supplies, was looking for ways to increase its sales, especially during the quieter sales month of November. They turned to Agency Bobble for help in updating their social media strategy and implementing a Black Friday marketing campaign.


Agency Bobble took on the challenge with a three-part strategy:

Video Production:

We created an attention-grabbing marketing video designed specifically for social media platforms. The video was produced quickly yet with high quality, allowing flexible responses to market trends and customer needs. We used royalty-free AI-generated music as part of the video.

Updated Social Media Strategy:

We revamped Marinekauppa’s social media strategy, focusing strongly on testing new creative styles and target groups.

Successful Black Friday Campaigning:

During Black Friday, we launched an intensive advertising campaign targeted precisely at Marinekauppa’s audience. The campaign was designed to attract attention and lure customers with special offers.


60% Increase in Sales

Thanks to the campaign, Marinekauppa's sales increased by a whopping 60% compared to the previous year.

Triple ROAS

The video campaign's return on ad spend (ROAS) was three times that of Marinekauppa's average, demonstrating the power and effectiveness of video in social media marketing.

131% more Engagement

The videos gained significant visibility and engaged the target audience effectively, which can lead to increased brand awareness in the long run.

'The comprehensive understanding of social media advertising and the ability to produce high-quality video content quickly by Agency Bobble were key to our success during Black Friday. Usually, November is the quietest time of the year for boat sales, so we are very satisfied with the collaboration,'says Sebastian Kindsted, the CEO of Marinekauppa